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Automation trees designed to react to user behavior. The best possible way to scale right at your fingertips.

Plan Objectives & Behaviours

Structure Automation Sequence

Adapt to Changes

Why automating customer touch points of communication is important


Automation increases your rate of sales through personalized lead nurturing. Having short term and longer term email marketing strategies in mind will really increase conversion rates.

Customer Support

While our support automation sequences through email and SMS process routine inquiries and prepare important service reminders and customer data, experts can attend to more challenging customer concerns.

Sale Opportunities

With automated content distribution email sequences, we will drive traffic to your website and blog, allowing for the opportunity to enter proactive customer dialogues through live chats.


Set up automated SMS notifications for your team members or customers. Texting has an extremely high open rate relative to many other channels.

Call-back Strategies

To be able to establish personal contact with human employees remains an important aspect for most potential clients. To match those demands, our campaigns react by implementing well-conceived call-back strategies.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

When someone adds an item to their online shopping cart but leaves your site without completing the purchase, you can trigger an email workflow that reminds them of their forgotten purchase and motivates them to complete the transaction by offering a special discount code or some other incentive to buy.

Upsell Automations

Communication with your customers shouldn't stop after they make a purchase. This is especially true if you sell a variety of different products and/or services. Use upsell email marketing sequences as an opportunity to upgrade or upsell your existing customers, or sell them complementary products and services depending on what they've already purchased.

Customer Happiness

Automate an email marketing sequence that sends quarterly customer surveys, and for customers with "happy" scores and reward them with exclusive content, offers, or discounts. Trigger a different workflow for your "unhappy" customers that includes content/offers aimed at helping to improve their happiness.

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