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Harp K. - IPTV Canada

“I got 126 leads in 60 days and closed 30 of them into paying customers.”

Logan C. - Global Maxima

"I can personally attribute over $20k/mo in income to Avi and what he teaches in his coaching program... He's been there every step of the way!"

Chris A. - Nest Capital

"Avi is single-handedly responsible for driving $380,000 increase in our revenue in 60 days! Start the program.. You'll see what I saw you'll book 30 calls easily..."

Howard S. - NorthernStar Heating

"27 Deals Closed at $12k/sale totalling $350k+ in 60 days. Then 7 months later doing $700k/mo in revenue through Variance Marketing leads"

Jodh T. - Century21

"At night I had 8 leads already at 40 cents/50 cents per lead. I was on calls... and my phone would be like ding! ding! ding! new leads! I had to shut my phone off..."

Hakan M. - Mortgage Agent

“I had Variance Marketing recommended to me by a colleague. So I took initiative to try them and I am very grateful. I have gone from getting no calls or leads to in six or seven weeks, 50 leads.”


"Avi's Dealflow program really helped me transform my business... my sales process is a lot more efficient and effective. Im closing clients at a much higher rate. He also helped me craft my offer. Joining this program has paid for itself 10, 15, 20 times over..."

Alex Lobaito - Increase ROAS

"With Avi Grondin's Dealflow program we got to $53k/mo in 90 days... HIGHLY RECOMMEND..."

Rahul S. - Mortgage Agent

"The Dealflow program is quite literally filling up my calendar every single day. My calendar is packed and I have scaled my business tremendously since."

John P. -

"I'm just inundated with calls now, so I'm probably getting two-three calls a day."

Jadeyn Dias - TheLandScapr SEO Case Study

"Thumbs up! Big thumbs up!!"

Anna L. - TerraDesign SEO Case Study

"We ranked #1 in only 90 days and it brough us tons of new leads and we landed some very large corporate jobs! Thank you Avi"

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A Strong Return On Investment

It all starts with our ‘customer fit’ process. We will never take on a client unless we are 100% sure we can help. Variance Marketing offers search engine optimization, paid advertising, and website design. These are services that we have mastered over time through application, and we’ve developed many relevant systems and protocols that make it easy for us to deliver a strong ROI for our clients. We are Toronto's digital marketing agency choice.

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Systematic Campaign Tracking

Get assigned a dedicated campaign manager to provide you one-on-one customer support and sales traction updates. Monthly/Weekly reporting is what keeps you in the loop to track your ROI. Our Toronto SEO services are unmatched to get you real results.

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Split Testing To Find Optimality

By consistently A|B testing every campaign that we deploy, we eventually find campaign optimality. This is where all your ads, content, and budget allocation hits that perfect sweet spot to maximize revenue. We reassess campaigns every quarter, then set what we call S.M.A.R.T. goals to hit our desired KPIs.

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