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Fully managed SEO using the best white hat SEO strategies, our team provides a results-driven search engine marketing campaign. Using technical & on-page audits, compelling content creation, and outreach for link-building, our SEO campaigns are a complete marketing solution for increasing organic traffic.

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Why Choose Variance Marketing For Your SEO Campaign?

Streamlined Campaigns

Our campaigns are designed to run smoothly from start to finish. Viewing the progress of your campaign is easy and we keep our clients up-to-date on campaign progress.

Competitive Rates

We provide SEO at a competitive rate in Toronto and around the globe. Our rates allow us to offer a high-quality service without you having to break the bank.

Data-Driven Results

We believe in providing results you can visually see. Our comprehensive reporting allows us to clearly showcase the results from your SEO campaign.

What to Know About SEO & Variance Marketing.

We don’t work with everyone.

We don’t mean this in any negative light, we simply choose to work with clients where we feel there is significant growth to be gained. This allows us to provide you the best results for your SEO campaign.

SEO is a long-term marketing plan.

Great SEO takes time. In today’s era of search engine marketing, websites can take a minimum of 6 months to see strong results in their campaign. In order to provide a fantastic service, we provide many elements in our service including competitor analysis, keyword research & gap analysis, technical audits, on-page audits, backlink audits, and much more. Our service provides all the tools to help grow your business in search engines, we just need to understand that SEO takes time to get its true value.

Cheap SEO is the more expensive SEO.

Unfortunately, in the SEO industry we have seen too many times businesses opting in for cheap SEO the first time around only to come to us looking for help recovering their website. Cheap SEO may bring in short-term results, but here at Variance Marketing we seek to bring you long-term organic results.

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Our SEO Process.

SEO is not a one size fits all marketing strategy. Our campaigns are uniquely designed for each of our clients to ensure we understand your industry and understand your business’s unique needs.

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1. Consultation

First things first, we will get to know you and your business’s goals and expectations. We have new clients complete a quick questionnaire so we can tailor the campaign to fit your business’s needs.

2. Niche Research

To better understand your industry, we will research your niche and competitors to understand the best approach possible for your campaign.

3. Keyword Research

Once we have an understanding of your niche, we will develop a list of keywords for you to choose from. Keyword research may seem like an easy task on the surface, but if done poorly your entire SEO campaign can flop. Our team heavily researches the keywords focusing on the keyword’s intent and overall goals of your business.

4. Website Audits

Our team provides complete audits for your website’s technical issues and on-page optimization changes. Our comprehensive audits cover all the latest strategies to ensure your SEO campaign is a success.

5. Content Campaigns

Content plays an important role in SEO and we make sure to take complete advantage with it to build up your website’s topical authority in your niche. Our Canadian writers are experienced writing engaging content that not only aids in your SEO campaign, but turns traffic into leads.

6. Link Acquisition & Outreach

Our strategy when it comes to link building is a completely white hat approach, establishing your website’s backlink profile to compete with your competitors. We do not use PBNs or any black hat strategy for our clients. Our approach is to provide long-term results that last!

Why Include SEO in Your Marketing Campaign?

If you aren’t already taking advantage of organic traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing, you are potentially missing out on leads that your competitors are taking for themselves.

Higher Credibility

By ranking in the top 3 for your business’s industry terms, you can build credibility to your business by being one of the first seen in your industry.

Steady, Long-Term Gains

People are always searching on Google for terms in your industry. By taking this traffic, you can build consistent leads month over month. Not only does SEO pay for itself long-term, it allows you to beat your competitors.


Frequently asked questions we get from our clients in Toronto and Canada.

Why is SEO so important for my brand?

SEO helps you with bringing pre qualified individuals who already know what they want directly to your website to inquire about your products or services. In addition, SEO also helps you build trust and credibility. Since users tend to click on the organic results only, focusing on SEO is the only way for increased engagement and trust.

What are the main functions of an SEO agency?

The primary task of an SEO agency is to optimize websites for higher search rankings in sync with Google’s constantly changing guidelines. They do it using ethical SEO best practices based on proven methodologies. The process includes conducting a website audit, analyzing your existing site structure, planning content, and acquiring links among other activities. An agency is supposed to keep all clients informed and involve them in the process where needed.

How Long Does SEO Take to deliver results?

Since SEO is all about creating content, conducting outreach, acquiring backlinks, adjusting technical issues, and building on-page relevancy of a website, it naturally takes time to reflect the result. There is no shortcut to it. Within the first sixty days after we start doing SEO work, you can see results coming your way. In the first three months, real rankings should start to come in if you’re working with the right people.

What’s Your Approach to SEO in Toronto?

Our SEO team optimizes your website's relevance within the city of Toronto while deploying traditional tactics. From benchmarking, to analysis, optimization, and reporting, we take a very holistic approach toward each client SEO campaign. This is the only way to bring in customer referrals. We’ve managed to rank ourselves for some of the more higher valued SEO terms in Toronto.

How does your SEO Services differ from others in Toronto?

Unlike others, we deploy 100% ethical seo services in Toronto. Our commitment to quality and solution-driven delivery is unlike any other brand that is pursuing SEO within Toronto. We have successfully won awards for our SEO work, while being ranked as a top SEO company in Toronto. We are the only SEO firm in Toronto that’s knowledge-centric and process-focused.

Should I continue with the SEO packages even if rankings are achieved?

SEO is a continuous process and needs to be done in a flow for constant results. If paused or discontinued for any reason, it may lead to lower rankings and a potential traffic drop. If you want to remain on top, let your SEO campaigns run. It will keep your rankings going. We will also cycle in new keywords consistently, develop new target landing pages, and focus on growing the organic traffic inflow on a regular basis.

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