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We do not take on projects unless we are 100% sure we can execute & deliver.

Ross P. - Custom Countertops

“9 Home Renovation Deals Closed in just 30 days. I had no idea Meta Ads could perform so well.”

Charlie B. - Kingsway Paving

“$80k in booked jobs within first 30 days of our SEO plan. Highly recommend Variance Marketing for SEO 100%”

Harp K. - IPTV Canada

“I got 126 leads in 60 days and closed 30 of them into paying customers.”

Hakan Mounir - Mortgage Agent

“I had Variance Marketing recommended to me by a colleague. So I took initiative to try them and I am very grateful. I have gone from getting no calls or leads to in six or seven weeks, 50 leads.”

Chris Allinson - Nest Capital

"Avi is single-handedly responsible for driving $380,000 increase in our revenue in 60 days! Start the program.. You'll see what I saw you'll book 30 calls easily..."

Alex Lobaito - Increase ROAS

"With Avi Grondin's Dealflow program we got to $53k/mo in 90 days... HIGHLY RECOMMEND..."

Jeff Sosnicki - Mortgage Loan Officer

"Avi is single-handedly responsible for driving $500k for a brand new agent in just 90 days campaign time. Its all thanks to you and the credit goes directly to your team. Thats why I am referring Rob on this call as well."

Allan Khazak - VROOM MEDIA

"Avi's Dealflow program really helped me transform my business... my sales process is a lot more efficient and effective. Im closing clients at a much higher rate. He also helped me craft my offer. Joining this program has paid for itself 10, 15, 20 times over..."

Jodh Toor - Century 21

"At night I had 8 leads already at 40 cents/50 cents per lead. I was on calls... and my phone would be like ding! ding! ding! new leads! I had to shut my phone off..."

Luke Gravett - BP Consulting

"Really happy with the Dealflow program so far. Its optimized our whole sales process and its allowed us to scale... which is what Avi said would be the result.. Definitely recommend"

Anna L. - TerraDesign

"We ranked #1 in only 90 days and it brought us tons of new leads and we landed some very large corporate jobs! Thank you Avi"

Nick Scolaro - Scolaro Creative

"I had a hard time generating sales appointments and leads... I would recommend this to any service business. Guys you need to check this out!

Peter L. - Peter's Accounting

"In less than 2 months I already engaged 25 new clients that work into monthly and yearly income for my accounting practice..."

Eitan Niftyco - Softserve Media

"I decided to enroll in the Dealflow blueprint and it was honestly the best decision I could have made for my company..."

Victor Abache - Leadervest

"Avi is a pro in generating qualified sales opportunities.. $1 in = $5 out. It is a no brainer... Thank you Avi!"

Baron Belalov - Strawberry Media

"I'm pretty impressed with the information Avi shares in the Dealflow blueprint... He talks about the things other people won't talk about"

Rahul Saggu - Vine Group

"The Dealflow blueprint program is quite literally filling up my calendar every single day. My calendar is packed and I have scaled my business tremendously since."

Matt Blanco - IVG Media

"With Avi Grondin's Dealflow program we are bringing in a dozen meetings a week with hundreds of outflows being sent out every day to produce a constant inflow of meetings. Sales have increased and we can now grow to a 7 figure agency!"

Kasra Ghorb - Rocket Content

"Avi has brought me over 50 leads in less than 28 days... the quality of the leads are even more outstanding for me... it has been a pleasure!"

Eric Mellores - LeadCarrot

"I closed 3 new customers in 8 days... booked 10 calls. This stuff works like a charm and I highly recommend it to anyone out there..."

Alberto Huet - C2Thrive

"We have tippled our numbers in the last quarter thanks to the Dealflow program... just try it I recommend it!"

Moe Abdul - Verified Marketing

"Avi's Course is crazy good. I recommend it to anyone who's in the service industry looking grow their inbound leads..."

Pratik H. - Brand Consultant

"Big thank you to Avi for helping me book 13 sales appointments in just 6 days... the dealflow funnel program is the best program out there!

Connor Allems - Mereum

"I finished the entire training program for Dealflow and I've been able to scale my company and learn the required information to do everything I need smoothly."

Adolfo Fernandes - FunnelChiefs

"You watch the first 6 modules and you'll book 6 calls within the first 72 hours. Avi is a marketing wiz."

Nick Glading - Business Coach

"I don’t care if you’re making $10k/mo $50k/mo or $100k/mo this dealflow program is the real deal and you’re going to absolutely love it!"

Radhakrishnan Kg - Marketing Consultant

"My name is Radhakrishnan and I am the founder of WebNamaste. I started working with Avi roughly about 6 months ago and I couldn't tell you enough how valuable that relationship is. He has helped me scale my business extremely quickly. It has allowed me to free up time and spend more time with my wife and child. Thank you so much Avi you really know how to drive more qualified leads and build systems around converting those leads into sales. Dealflow by Avi Grondin is a no brainer. "

Rami Ben Hassine - RBH Digital

"Hey guys you NEED to work with Avi Grondin and the Variance team. These guys are the real deal. My business went from $20k/mo to $75k/mo in only 4 months. This stuff is NO JOKE!!"

Ahmad Shahzad - Mortgage Agent

"Avi Grondin built a program called the Dealflow Academy and it took my mortgage business from zero to one hundred real quick. I closed 4 new mortgage deals in only 11 days just by starting the program."

Max Wong - Marketing Consultant @ BrandScience

"Avi will take your business to the next level hands down guaranteed."

Nazimuddin Borbora -
Dviral Media

"If you are looking for a marketing strategy that's going to take your service business to the next level then you need Dealflow. Avi makes it so simple to follow. He even reviews your implementation and gets you from your current state to your desired state. I went from $15k/mo to $65k/mo using Avi, Variance, and Dealflow Academy."

Jacob Snitman - Mortgage Agent

"Blown out of the water with the results achieved after this course... in the first 7 days we were able to generate 40 different leads and book 15 qualified appointments to my calendar!"

Jimmy Tuma - Hyperwave Media and Works

“If you’re looking to generate more sales opportunities and increase your revenue then you need the Dealflow academy by Avi Grondin. He literally overhauls your sales process to increase your close rate, drive more offshore sales reps, and scale up very quickly. Highly recommend Avi Grondin and the Dealflow Academy!!”

Rishi Sagar - Mortgage Agent

“Your course is great. The content has been amazing. I've seen you work through other client's ads and it has opened my eyes to what is possible.”

Logan Carrol - Global Maxima

"I can personally attribute over $20k/mo in income to Avi and what he teaches in his coaching program... He's been there every step of the way!"

Jassy Braich - Mortgage Agent

"I closed 4 mortgage deals total within the first cycle of launching the campaign"

Ryan Watkins - Marketing Agency

"I closed 4 agency deals total within the first cycle of launching the campaign"

John -

"I'm just inundated with calls now, so I'm probably getting two-three calls a day."

Howard Sokoloff - NorthernStar Heating

"The leads are good. There is nothing wrong with the leads at all."

Farhayel A. - New Ontario Homes

3 Deals Closed with Precon Website Ranking in Google

Georgey Tishin - Marketing Agency Testimonial

"It's a whole different level."

Jadeyn Dias - TheLandScapr SEO Case Study

"Thumbs up! Big thumbs up!!"

George T. -

“I collected $7k in 5 days After 1 Coaching Call with Avi”

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