We Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Using Facebook and Google, we will build out sales funnels that are optimized for conversions. We mostly work with large enterprise ad budgets.

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What Are Some Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Quick Entry

Even if you’re a decade behind your competitors on jumping into PPC marketing, we can get up and running quickly with a little bit of optimization.

Strong Targeting

Facebook and Google are the most targeted forms of advertising. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behavior, and location. If you really know your customers, you can use Pay-Per-Click advertising to engage them.

Advanced Analytics

You will be kept in the loop to see how many impressions, clicks, and conversions we are generating for you. As well, split testing analytics such as landing page heat maps, targeting tests, and more.

Increased Sales

Facebook advertising is extremely scalable in driving revenue, sales, and leads. By utilizing this mearketing strategy with your business, you can expand your reach.

Increased Brand Awareness

The more familiar people are with your brand, the more likely they will purchase your products when it is time to make a decision.

Retargeting Campaigns

Being able to retarget users by deploying new ads designed to bring them back to your website.

Increased Website Traffic

The precision and cost-effectiveness of Facebook advertising makes it more beneficial than other sources.

Grow Email List

We will transfer over your generated leads directly into email marketing campaigns for lead nurturing.

Why Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. It is one of the most engaging channels of advertising with detailed targeting and agility.

Detailed Targeting

50% More Likely to Buy

x6-10 CTRs

Over 400+ Customers & Counting

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