July 16, 2021

5 Key Steps To Take While Branding Your Business

What is business branding?

Branding is a perception that customers have about your company when they experience your company’s product or service. It is about how you set yourself apart from your competitors. You can build a strong brand through the use of catchy logos, taglines and advertising.

5 key steps for your business branding:

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Define your mission and vision
  3. Design your brand’s visuals
  4. Create a brand story
  5. Choose the medium for your brand

Define your target audience:

There’s no point in building a brand that does not resonate with your audience. It’s pretty essential to ascertain who you are going to give your services to. Before even laying out your brand’s identity or demonstrating how to visualize your brand, define your target audience.

The ways you can determine your target audience is:

  • Doing a target market research
  • Think of your product benefits
  • Collect demographics of your target audience
  • Competitor audience analysis

Once you identify your target audience, you can build a branding strategy that matches your ideal audience’s needs and expectations.

Have a look at how Starbucks identified its target audience:

Define your mission and vision:

The next step is to identify your brand’s mission and vision. The mission statement includes what your brand does and how it is going to impact your customer’s lives. Vision,, on the other hand, most efficiently, guides what a brand will achieve in the future. It’s about what changes the brand is intended to make in the future. 

It must be full of value that the customer is convinced that the only brand that can fulfil their expectations is yours. But remember, no false claims. Also, your mission and vision must comply with your brand’s logo, tagline and personality.

Have a look at Starbucks’ mission and vision statement:

Design your brand’s visuals:

Creating the visuals or in other words, your logo is a crucial part of the process. Your brand name is directly linked with your logo. it’s a part of the brand identity. Be very particular about the colour palette and font you use while building your logo. 

Professional designers are a great deal of help here. They frame the branding guidelines that help you in using the logo in the future and the reasons they used the selected colour palette or fonts. 

The branding guideline includes:

  • Logo and logo guide
  • Colour palette
  • Typography
  • Imagery
  • Web elements

Try to make it as unique as possible. Your logo must speak for your brand since that’s how you’re going to be identified universally. 

Have a look at Starbucks’ logo:

One can easily identify the logo from a distance. The green background speaks a lot about the brand.

The color palette:

Create a brand story:

A brand story is nothing but conveying what your brand does in the most efficient manner. All you have to do is build an emotional connection with the customer through your message. It must be clear, straightforward and narrated like a story so that the customer is most likely to hear what you have to say.

 It must cover the following three aspects:

  • What does your brand do?
  • What unique values does your brand offer?
  • What does your customer get out of your service?

Try not to highlight your product’s features but most efficiently rather communicate how your customers can get the most out of your product.

Choose the medium for your branding:

Now you have to decide which channels you are going to use for a successful business branding. Along with deciding the medium, you need to maintain consistency. Whether you are opening yourself on any of the platforms, the message you are communicating about your brand must be the same.

You can use the following channels for branding:

  • Website development
  • Blogs
  • Social media handles
  • Employee on board
  • Youtube channel

Have a look at Starbucks’ Instagram post:

It highlights a feature of one of their product in one line and simple words so that it catches the customer’s eyes as soon as they see it.

That’s how you end up building your branding. If you want help with building your brand, Variance Marketing is the right approach for you. We can build effective logos, branding guides, social media posts and do the necessary marketing for your brand.

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