May 27, 2021

Become A Pro With These Top 6 Video Marketing Strategies That Can Boost Your Audience

Do you know what’s the story behind a successful marketer’s ad campaigns? Do you want to know the secret to generate more ROI in your business with some simple techniques? If yes, then let me tell you that despite audio and content, videos have much more impact on people’s conversion behaviour because videos play with the brains. There is no doubt that in this digital world, video marketing has a strong influence on the people. It’s just about the way people create the videos that make a difference in the story!

With the help of images, sounds, movements and visual effects, a company can leave a long lasting effect on its viewers. Visual storytelling resonates with the customer and creates better reach and engagement. 

Let’s look at some powerful tools that you can use to create a lasting impact on your audience: 

Focus on expressing, not impressing:

If you want your video to be watched and listened to, you need to offer some value to the customer. If you are talking about your brand or you are simply asking them to buy your services, chances are you will be ignored.

It’s a psychologically proven fact that stories establish a good connection between the teller and the receiver. While you are recording a video, you must have some stories that you can share with your customers and establish a connection with them. Now what stories do you need to share? The ones that include something for them and not for you. Viewers are always keen to know what you can do for them! Don’t waste time creating videos that just say about your brand or are focusing on getting sales!

Include tutorials, demos or case studies:

People do not believe easily. Of course! There’s a lot of competition out there and they would definitely wanna learn how are you different? You need to prove yourself! For that, add demos how you would do that. If you’re selling a product, show your audience how to use it and how it’s going to benefit them. Compare your quality and reviews with the reviews of other brands and show them you are superior to others. 

If you’re selling a service, add some video testimonials in between of your customers sharing their experience with your service. Make them your stars. This will make them happy and they will share it more on their social media. This will build more trust and help to convert more of your site visitors into satisfied customers.

Segmentation of audience:

Your marketing is totally a waste if the wrong people are seeing it. By wrong people, I mean that people who cannot benefit from your service will never be interested in your video too. Say you’re selling a retirement plan. If your videos are watched over by people in the age group 18-30, they surely would be least interested.

Segmentize your audience based on their region, age, demographics or behavior. If you are selling an online course, your target audience needs to be people in their teens. This segmenting can inform the video’s message and storyboard, creating meaningful interactions that consumers will connect with. Not only that, if people feel personally connected with your video, there are likely to share it on their social media handles also.

Include CTA (Call To Action):

It is highly recommended to optimize your video content with CTAs.  it need not be always closing the deal or making a sale but it may include any of these:

  • Subscribe to your channel
  • Follow / Like your Page
  • Share with your friends
  • Comment on the video

You might have seen everyone placing the CTA at the end of video but it is proved that CTAs placed in the middle of a video have a higher conversion rate than the ones in the end or at the start. Let’s dig more into this. A CTA in the beginning would mean no information and a clear invite to act. No one would do that unless they are already aware of your brand and your offer.

A CTA in the end would mean that your customer is clear about your brand and offer and he would be interested in buying your service. But, how can you be sure if the viewer sees the video till the end. It is possible only when your video is highly interactive and the customer is compelled to watch till the end. A CTA in the middle would mean an introduction to the offer and if it clicks the customer’s brain in the beginning, they would not hesitate to act and convert.

Optimize your video with SEO:

When giving a title to the video or adding a description, try to use more keywords to optimize your content. You can use links to subscribe or take the customer to your landing page. Add hashtags which again are a popular source of taking your video to a wider audience. 

You can also  use YouTube's tagging feature, which determines the relevance of your videos and groups similar videos together. This will help your video appear as a “related video” when people watch similar types of content.

Measure performance analytics:

Almost all the video hosting sites include analytics that help you evaluate your video’s performance.  Even if some of them don’t have the feature, you can always evaluate the parameters through Google analytics.You can use these analytics to analyze metrics such as:

  • How many views did you get?
  • How many people clicked the play button?
  • Who viewed the video?
  • What cookies are associated with the viewer?
  • Was there a call-to-action?

These parameters help the marketers gain a better experience and understanding of the different components of video storytelling. With measurable goals, you can constantly keep a track of what is happening to the video content and continuously improve and optimize those metrics with a great strategy.

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