March 30, 2021

How is AI revolutionizing the future of digital marketing?

AI is changing the way people live. Day-to-day tasks are being done more or less with  AI involved. If the industry of digital marketing is already being impacted by AI software, imagine how the future of digital marketing would be? If companies or businesses do not include AI as a part of their work system, it is certainly possible that they might lag behind in the race of market competition.

AIs can make data-based decisions, making them accurate, reliable, and quick. Because customers are so choosy these days, this leaves companies with no better choice but to cater to their demands. AI helps companies to increase the customer database through various platforms, gain better insights, and eventually develop the most suitable marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at certain areas where AI has most of its part to play:


We don’t even remember the time when we used to answer each customer’s query on the phone. Chatbots have enabled a 24-hour service by revolutionizing the traditional way of answering just one at a time to answering many at a time. Another huge benefit of this is the provision of better-localized service since the customers can choose the language of customer AI service. A website with no chatbot makes it dull compared to the others.

Automated Email Marketing:

AI has allowed marketers to run personalized email campaigns that are based on individual user experiences. With relevant subject lines, recommendations, design, images, and messaging content, AI is helping to run such email campaigns that significantly target user behavior.

Consequently, there is a likelihood that the messaging is relevant and engaging for the customers making them convert to the emails. This helps to optimize the marketing campaigns and target the right audience at the right time.

Social media marketing: 

The worldwide ad spend on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has shown an upward trend for the last 3 years. Most of the user information is generally taken up from here which includes gender, age, demographics, etc. This helps to segmentize the market and generate the most appropriate advertisements. 

With the help of AI, companies can look at the micro-trends and even forecast trends that might attract a pool of customers in the future.

Search Engine Optimization: 

SEO is one of the most popular areas influenced by AI. The data structuring, content implementation, and keyword selection are all enhanced by AI systems. Some traditional SEO activities, like keyword lists and backlinks, are declining in importance. The ranking signals that will matter most in the future will be those related to user activity:

  • Time on page
  • Bounce rate
  • Pogo sticking
  • Scroll depth

AI makes it possible that the content meets a specific search need, addresses a specific audience, and is compelling to read. With SEO services always changing with improves search engines, you need to stay ahead.

Content Marketing: 

It is becoming possible that AI can generate content for businesses. But, it will certainly lack the creativity that a human can put in. It is forecasted that 20% of the content generated through AI can work well for the companies. However, AI can take care of repetitive, mindless tasks like metadata tagging and adding recommended content to blog posts. One can use it to deliver personalized content. 

On the part of content writers, they need to use AI mechanisms to segmentize the audience by behaviour and draft modular content that the AI can put together based on user behaviour.

To conclude, it is almost impossible to ensure growth in your company without the use of AI technologies. AI is and will be helping businesses to provide relevant recommendations and timely customer service. It will not only help your brand create a success story, but will also help you meet your customer expectations in the coming future. Learn more by connecting with us here at Variance Marketing, your local digital marketing agency.

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