May 27, 2021

Top 8 Strategies To Grow Your Email List Quickly

Creating a lead magnet:

A lead magnet is something that you offer your customers in exchange for their email addresses. It something valuable for them and costs you nothing. You can ship off a PDF, an MP3 audio file or a video that you can create yourself with creative ideas at no cost.

Some examples of lead magnets are:

  • Templates
  • Trial
  • Quizzes
  • Case Studies
  • Free trials or samples
  • A free consultation
  • Ebooks

People are likely to subscribe if they are getting something valuable for free.

Your lead magnets would only work if:

👉They are as valuable as your product or service.

👉They are consumable right away (If you send a 1-hour video, it probably is a waste).

👉They contain useful information that benefits the person in one way or another.

As soon you have a good lead magnet ready, you need to design an optin form with an appealing headline and attractive visuals. It must not contain large information and bring the reader’s attention straight to the subscribe button. And boom! You get to add more people to your list!

High-quality content:

Your landing page, Facebook business page and all other important pages must contain a good piece of information that amazes the readers. When someone subscribes to your page, it means they found your business or your products interesting. You need to retain them anyhow. If someone subscribes, they can even unsubscribe if they find irrelevant information in the emails they receive from you.

Here are some ideas for the content that must be included in your emails to your subscribers:

✅Begin with a welcome email series to make them feel connected.

✅Share meaningful testimonials to build trust

✅Share the relevant industry information that adds to their knowledge

✅Notify them about your new products

✅Offer something on their first purchase

Ask subscribers to forward your emails:

Social sharing is a great phenomenon to get more subscribers on your list. A study has found that the average CTR for emails with social sharing options is 6.2%, while the CTR on emails without the sharing option is only 2.4%.

Getting your emails shared is only possible if they are relevant to the person in any way. For making people subscribe to whom your email is shared, add attractive CTAs in the end.

Ask website visitors for feedback:

Your website is the main source of traffic. Getting email addresses from there is a lucrative option. Add a live chat tool or add a feedback button that asks the visitor for their question for you along with their email address. This way, you get a chance of getting customer feedback along with an addition to your email list.

Add blogs to your website that readers can subscribe to:

You must create regular blogs for three specific reasons:

  • Making people equipped with the latest information
  • Getting your page ranked in the search engines
  • Getting people to subscribe to read your blogs

This will enable you to upgrade your email campaigns and get more people to subscribe!

Host an online webinar:

Webinars are an effective way to bring a boost to your email list. They are not recorded sessions for anyone to watch anytime but they create a kind of urgency for the people to book their slots in time and attend a live session. To attend or book slots for them, people need to give their email addresses to get a confirmation for their registration. A 15-30 minutes webinars can help your business grow if it influences the people and get more people to subscribe if you share beneficial information.

Giveaways and subscriber discounts:

Offering certain discounts and giveaways can generate more subscribers. It makes the people appreciated and they feel good to be your customer. If it’s an occasion, you might offer bonuses, discounts or gift cards so that they can be your customers. Also, customers who make regular purchases must be entitled to some special discounts so that they shop more and recommend your business.

Segment your email lists:

Not every type of person is interested in the emails that you send. You must use different types of email subscriptions to send more targeted content to specific segments of your marketing personas. If you cater to people’s specific interests, the chances that visitors will subscribe to one of them increases.

The above-mentioned strategies are very likely to convert and grow your brand image. Use these strategies to get more subscribers added to your email list. Make it as long as you can! 

Try these out and share your experience with us! If you have more ideas on expanding your email list, we would love to hear!

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