April 4, 2018

Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

How To View Facebook Paid Advertising

Let’s clear up something off the bat. Paid Facebook Advertising is very different than organic posting (It’s Way Better!). When some people think of Facebook Ads they think, “Oh, I’m going to have to post every day at noon, share a nice article, maybe do a little boosted posting…” This post is not covering that at all. We are making campaigns optimized for conversion with the goal of capturing leads, getting people to our webinars, and ultimately generating new customers in a very trackable and very scalable way.

You need to learn this, even if you plan on outsourcing your Facebook Ads later down the line. If you don’t learn it, you’re going to be taken to the cleaners when you outsource it. I really believe that if you plan on making it in business, you need to master one form of traffic. You need to be able to generate a flood of new customers and capture eyeballs whenever you need for your business. Remember that you need Facebook more than they need you…so you have to learn how to play by their rules. They have been known to ban people quickly, be unresponsive, and have pretty bad customer support for marketers. So we’re going to go over how to build a campaign within their rules, because you can’t afford to get banned.

There are very few things that are more important than this in your business. If you Facebook ads are going well, you will be making a lot of money. If your Facebook Ads are going bad and you don’t have a stream of new customer to generate money, your business is going to flat line…or worse. Truly, there really isn’t many things more critical in your business than understanding this.

So overall, Facebook has massive opportunity but comes with some risks and some pitfalls to avoid, but if you master this skill you’re going to fall in love with Facebook Advertising as well.

I’m Going To Teach You The Right Way

Let’s get started…

Setting Up The Business Manager: Overview

1. Go to business.facebook.com (While yes, you can access your ads through your person Facebook and other ways, we’re not going to do that anymore. We have a rep at Facebook who says they want you to go through businesss.facebook.com, so that’s how we’re going to do it.)

2. Now we’re going to set up payment. You may be asking, “Which payment method should I use?” it truly doesn’t matter. But what I recommend is using a credit card rather than a debit card so you can push out that cash flow 30-45 days so that all the sudden you can buy a click today, make money in 7 days, and pay on your card in 45 days. (By the way, we use Amex Gold card because it gives you 3X points on advertising and there are no limits!)

3. Create Backup Ad Accounts – Don’t Link the payment yet…

Setting Up The Business Manager Step-by-step

Step 1. Go to Business.Facebook.com and create an account.

Step 2. Now go to Settings. Here on the left you can see your Pages, Ad Accounts, Pixels, etc.

Step 3. Click on the Ad Accounts box, and in the middle of the page click Add New Ad Account. Choose the 3rd option “Create a New Ad Account”. Name it “(Your Business)1” because we are going to create multiple ad accounts. Make sure you set your time zone up correctly because you cannot go back and change it. Don’t worry about PO number.

Step 4. Make more Ad Accounts. Here’s why…if one of your Ad Accounts gets blocked or frozen, you want backups . Sometimes they will let you make 2, sometimes they will let you make 15…it really depends on each business. Name them “(Your Business) 1,2,3, etc…)”. Just make a few to be safe.

Step 5 . Add a Payment Method to your first Ad Account. We don’t want to add a payment method to our backup accounts until we need to use them in case of a block/freeze. This is because Facebook will recognize the card on one account matches another and may freeze all accounts with this card. Again, this is just as a precaution to be safe.

Step 6. Set up your Business Info. Pretty straightforward here guys…

Step 7. Assign yourself to your Ad Accounts as an Admin. Click the People box on the left bar, click Ad Accounts in the middle of the page, and then click the “Assign Assets” button on the right. Choose each Ad Account and make the Default Role: Ad Account Admin .

You’ve gotten through the necessary steps to set up your Ad Accounts, and if you get confused or you’re just curious then check out Facebook’s Setup Guide in the top right hand corner.

Setting Up Your Page

All your ads are going to run through this Facebook page.

Create a Page OR Claim a Page you already have.

Choose Between Personal brand OR Company Page.

The goal of this page is to make it look super professional and legitimate.

Pro Tips to a great looking page:

● Add high quality cover and profile photos

● Populate with 5-10 posts (doesn’t have to be your own)

○ Check out Buzzsumo.com to search for popular & trending articles on a


● Share articles from Forbes, Inc, Fast Company, Hubspot, etc. about your


● Write a polished but brief description of your company/brand

● Now that it looks legitimate, invite all your friends on Facebook

● Block specific words from being commented on your ads. To do this, go to

Settings on your Page, Scroll down to Page Moderation, and then copy and

paste this block of words (Sorry these are profane, but there are rude people out

there and you don’t want this stuff showing up on your advertising…)

○ http://, www, scam, cunt, spam, spammer, steal, snake, snake oil,

promoted, post, fuck, fuck off, spamming, promoted posts, fuck, fuck

you, knob, piss off, my page, waste of time, waste of money, waste,

cock, dick, penis, wtf, status, feed, pull, bull shit, scheme, get rich quick,

thief, crap (add more if you feel inclined…)

Making Your Website Compliant

1. Check our privacy policy at www.variancemarketing.com by scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Privacy”. You’re welcome to swipe ours and replace our company name with yours (but I’m not claiming ours is air-tight so you may want to consult a lawyer).

2. See our Terms of Service right next to the Privacy Policy at the bottom of our website. You’re going to need this because legally you can’t make promises of income, results, etc.

3. Add a Disclaimer Link. Do research on your niche and I’m sure you’ll find a bunch of disclaimers that you can amend to your business.

4. Add a Contact Us Link that links to your email address.

5. Add a Logo to your website

6. And if you use a video on your website Don’t use Auto-play . Facebook doesn’t

like that, they want people to have the freedom to play (or not play) your videos.

7. Finally, READ THIS – www.facebook.com/policies/ads

Be sure that Before you run ads, you have all of your bases covered here. You don’t

want to start spending money on ads and then Facebook ban your account because

you weren’t compliant. This is their sandbox and we have to play by their rules. Sound


How To Avoid Getting Banned

1. Don’t toe the line- stay Far away from it. I used to think that the goal with Facebook was figure out what the line was and get as close that as I possibly could without going over. Guys, the truth is Do Not Toe The Line… Stay FAR away from it. I got banned a couple times about a year ago because I was trying to cut corners and it was miserable. We didn’t have a backup plan for getting more revenue and we spent about 2 months not making much money while trying to get un-banned. So learn from my mistake and stay far away from the line.

2. Don’t use images that are spammy, sexual, or “click-baity” . Overall, just have nice looking stuff that could set off Facebook’s alarm and make your brand look bad.

3. Don’t use the generic Clickfunnels, Unbounce, or other shared domains. Be sure that when you’re setting up your landing pages, you use your company website. For example, have your landing page be www.pivotandscale.com NOT www.clickfunnels.pivotandscale.com. This URL looks like a pop-up site and Facebook doesn’t like that.

4. Don’t use Before and After photos. I know it’s tempting if you are in the weight loss niche, but I pulled this straight off of Facebook’s policy.

5. Don’t use shirtless guys in your photos. We were once running an ad with a boxer who didn’t have a shirt on and got flagged for that. Facebook perceived it as sexual. So if you’re in fitness just stay far away from the line.

6. Always use business.facebook.com to access your ads. If you’re logging in from all these different softwares or locations Facebook thinks there may be some kind of scam happening so just go through their front door.

7. Always keep a 10:1 Ratio of Approved Ads to Unapproved Ads. Sometimes an ad will not be approved because there is too much text, or the photo looks like a button, etc…so just make sure you have 10x as many approved ads as you do unapproved ads. If you continue to keep having Facebook deny your ads, they are going to get tired of it and flag your account.

8. Don’t reply to negative comments –delete and ban the person. Don’t respond to them, don’t engage them, just delete the comment and ban the person.

9. Don’t make income claims and avoid buzzwords. Talk about yourself, or your clients, but don’t claim that they will.

· Acceptable: “How I made $43,232 in One Month Using Social Media”

· Unacceptable: How to Make $43,232 In One Month Using Social Media

10. Make your Ads & Landing Page offer clear and congruent. When they click your ad, they should land on a page that gives them what the ad offered. The headline should be clear, the description should be clear. If your Ad says, “Click Here to

Download Our PDF” there better be a clear button on your landing page that says

“Download PDF”.

11. Be Aware, but not Scared . Guys, getting banned or flagged is something to be aware of but don’t let it scare you from doing Ads. I want you to have a healthy fear of caution. Look, if it happens that sucks and it’s going to be a 3-6 week process to get unbanned and you can start running Ads again. But as long as you stay above board and follow these instructions you’re going to be fine.

Action Steps From This Lesson

1. Setup Business Manager Account

2. Create and Populate Facebook Page

3. Make Your Landing Page Fully Compliant

4. Read Facebook’s Ad Guidelines Fully

In the next blog series, we are going to talk about how to Create Pixels, Custom Conversions, and Audiences! So guys, I’ll see you in the next post but before you read it stop now and TAKE ACTION on what we just went over.

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