May 27, 2021

Linking Social Media Psychology With Digital Marketing

Do you wish to engage with more users on your social media and get them to do the action you desire to?

If yes, you’re certainly on the right page. The world is no longer looking for companies who are very strict with their rules and regulations, very inflexible in their working, and relying just on formal language for their promotions.

Here’s a quick insight into what happens to your social media content. Someone sees your post, they find it good. They start following you. Your followers check out more stuff on your account. Your content that seems relatable to them is shared. Your shared content is further read. 

And boom! Keep scrolling down. Your followers are lining up! 

But the most important thing is to ascertain what kind of content is being read, enjoyed, liked, and shared. If none of this is happening, your efforts are of no use! But don’t worry. You need to understand something really important here. Social media is something where people usually spend their free time and even if you are there for business, you must have something that catches the eye and stops people to read more into it.

Here is what your readers are looking for:

Your readers’ mind gonna blow, if you’re happy-to-go:

Everybody knows the fact that happiness is not easy to achieve these days. It’s an emotion that is the cure to everything. So, why don’t you make your users happy? There can be nothing better than this! Take a friendly tone, play with words and let your content talk.

Here’s a reference for you:

Tiffany & Co. is a great example of how a heritage brand can use Instagram to evolve its appearance and reach a new customer base. Tiffany’s Instagram account is filled with things that simply interact with their customers. It’s fun, playful and most likely to get shared because of the kind of things they use. You can embed happiness in your feed too and engage your audience. Be funny and make everything simple!

Be a good social media player, that’s when people are gonna share:

Do you know why people share others' content on their social media handles? Why do they fill their account with something that’s not gonna get them anything? Well, here’s the answer.

  • To support the facts
  • To build a connection
  • To get a sense of self-fulfillment
  • To display their personality
  • Just for entertainment

Most of the people share something that connects with them emotionally. Your posts must always be directed towards your followers. When you write, write for them. Be responsive to their comments and engage as much as possible.

Here’s a reference for you:

Nike has the most followers on Instagram. It’s just a shoe brand. What’s special about it that’s being followed and shared? The secret is that they go with the trend and responsiveness. Each of it’s Instagram posts speaks for itself. And surprisingly, there’s not even a single post “highlighting” what they sell. It’s all about associating their brand with something motivating from where people can learn and capture more values besides looking at the product.

We are nothing without you, and nothing besides this is true! 

The biggest mistake businesses make is that they speak about them a lot. Don’t boast yourself unless you have something really big! Say what can you give out, treat your customers the way you want yourself to be treated. Instead of saying, “We do this”, say “You will get this”. When you post videos on youtube, put any posts, always thank people for loving you. Remember! You are nothing without them!

Here’s a reference for you:

Glossier is a beauty brand that, from its beginning, has distanced itself from the typical polished luxury of other brands in the industry. It’s social media is very user friendly. The brand frequently reposts user-generated content, giving fans more incentive to share and driving overall community engagement.

It’s not science! It’s all a game of psychology. Your brand either builds up day by day or goes down by time. It all depends on how interactive you are and how efficiently you handle your social media. Just make sure you do not make things complex! People like it easy! Go as simple as you can! There’s alot going around the world. Do something with your business that can actually help them and impact them! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY! 

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